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I’m a spoilt bratty boy Chihuahua with cashmere blonde fur and a penchant for fake fur. I love dressing up and have quite an extensive wardrobe. I’m very sociable and quite cocky, I love nothing more than a girly shopping trip to the West End or Manchester where people look and admire me. I have a big selection of teddies and toys and I like sitting up high so I can feel superior and I adore the feel of fake fur under my paws.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Little grubby……..

Okay I think I smell manly but the handler disagrees and decided I smell badly – I have been down on the beach and pounding the pavements and it’s been a little warm so she dunked me in the bath.
We needed some shampoo so we hit Pets At Home to get some nice smelling but proper dog shampoo – human shampoo just doesn’t do it ……… did you know you should really opt for a low lather formula for dogs as this way you can see how clean we are getting and it rinses out – our skin is quite sensitive.
So here is the selection we looked through and I will tell you which one I tried.
Dogs Body Shampoo 250ml by Animology £4.99 (Petsathome)

This is great as it has low lather and really gets a pup clean round their paws and tummy – it also has a deodorant in it so helps keep that fresh smell for longer – we like this range.
Dirty Dawg Shampoo 250ml by Animology £4.99 (Petsathome)

This one you don’t need to hit the tub just squirt and rub and brush this freshens you up and gives you a nice clean body without everyone getting wet.
Dog Deodorant Shampoo 200ml by Johnsons £3.00 (Petsathome)

This is a great shampoo for any dog and it cleans you and you smell nice enough for your handler to want to hug you afterwards and it makes your fur all shiny (owners like shiny fur) ,easy to lather and rinse out.
Mildly Scented Dog Shampoo by Pets at Home £3.00 (Petsathome)

This is the one we used and I give it a paw up, it has left my fur shiny, all smelling nice and my tummy and small paws are all spotlessly clean – I feel like a new Chihuahua.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Check out my style

I love Pet’s at Home as they have some very stylish attire sadly some of the exquisite numbers I long for are not found on the net (note to P @H get on the case please) at Christmas I came up North and the snow was deep so we popped in the Preston and I got a parka – working my Liam Gallagher look 

But I did want a fake fur cape but Miss Dinky said no …….and Granny couldn’t find it on the net to do a sneaky purchase.
Anyway the parka is fab for bumming on the beach but I need a new outfit for spring and I quite like these three so I’m going to do a quick visit to try on later this week.
This is a cute red tartan with a small collar and belly band with button decoration on the back – it’s made from Polyester and is sized:
·         X Small: 38 x 21 x 1cm;
·         Small: 38 x 21 x 1.2cm;
·         Medium: 38 x 21 x 4.5cm;
·         Large: 38 x 21 x 4.5cm;
·         X Large: 38 x 25 x 6.5cm;
·         X X Large: 38 x 25 x 6.5cm.

Angus' Tartan Dog Coat by Pets at Home £5.00
I also quite fancy a little jumper and this red ribbed one with a paw print is perfect with short sleeves and wide ribbed pattern will be perfect – I think the red will offset my blonde cashmere coloured fur don’t you think ?
This is sized:
•             X Small: 38 x 21 x 1cm;
•             Small: 38 x 21 x 1.2cm;
•             Medium: 38 x 21 x 4.5cm;
•             Large: 38 x 21 x 4.5cm;
I will report back on my purchase and model my outfit for you all.

Red Jumper by Pets at Home £5.00

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dogs in "Vogue": A Century of Canine Chic……….

I have always seen myself as a dapper little dog and I dress very well – my favourite top is from Harrods ….
So I have loved reading this large book as you see dogs in their best light and obviously looking very chic.

This the perfect coffee table book for any dog lover’s home ………
Read the blurb ………..
The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to have a dog at your heels,' observed Vogue in 1930. Since 1909, dogs have had a role to play in the glamorous story of Vogue, as companions to style icons and royalty, society leaders, artists and models. Portrayed here are dogs in their own right and dogs with their people. Here are stout-hearted wire-haired terriers; elegant sight hounds; diminutive pugs and Pekinese; poodles, the epitome of French chic; and gentle spaniels and retrievers. The dogs that have appeared in VOGUE have inspired brilliant articles by writers such as Dorothy Parker and Lesley Blanch. Dogs have been painted by many of VOGUE's greatest artists, from Douglas Pollard to Rene Bouet-Willaumez. This stunning book features dazzling, rarely seen photographs by Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, Lord Snowdon, David Bailey, Mario Testino and more.
Dogs in "Vogue": A Century of Canine Chic by Judith Watt £33.99 Waterstones

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sorry I’m taken……..

I have a long distance relationship with a beautiful dusky maiden in the US called Layla – she lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

I have been admiring Layla via my Granny’s Facebook page – she likes fake fur, she sunbathes and she has her own blog – so we have loads in common besides our chicken legs.

She also has an extensive wardrobe and will dress up so this suits me – I think we will be a great match together.

You should get to know her she has her own blog The Daily Layla.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring in your paw

My owner has been shopping - I give it the seal of approval although not sure about having a disco light attached to my back is a good idea.

As I’m thinking about spring and new clothes I have decided to treat the man in my life Biggie to a new harness – as a smaller dog he is better in a harness also as he tends to try and fight everything he comes across it’s better to have the harness on and I’m not tugging at his neck while he launches at a large dog – yes he has little man syndrome and thinks he can take down dogs with paws larger than his whole body.
We love Elmo’s Wardrobe as they stock some great brands and Puppia harnesses – Biggie has always had a Puppia harness as they are soft but durable and they are also washable!
He has always been a camouflage boy it goes with his tough boy image and these are very easy to put on a squirming dog and the harness is easy to adjust and it fits snuggly but not tight.
The rule of thumb on measuring is:
SIZE = Neck Girth -Breast Girth- Body Belt
S =  25cm -32-42cm -9cm
M  = 29cm 36-48cm- 11cm
L = 33cm-46-58cm-12cm
XL= 42cm-57-80cm-15.5cm
Small - Chi, Toy Yorkie, Pomeranian & New Puppies
Medium - Shitzu, King Charles Cavalier, Lhasa Apso, Pug
Large - Westie, Cocker Spaniel & Larger (Bigger/Chubby Medium Breeds)
Extra Large -Collie, Bulldog

I was also thinking he might have a bit of colour and not look so match all the time so this pacific blue colour is wonderful and it has a gingham trim round the edge ……. Very chic and stylish Chihuahua I think?

As we are big users of the retractable lead I have noticed when we visit my Gran she can’t cope with it and the thin string wraps everywhere – nightmare for everyone so I was thinking if I buy a new harness I’ll treat him to the whole ensemble and get this camo lead which is fabric covered and has a sturdy clip and is 140cm long so enough for Gran to cope with.

One of things about internet surfing is you suddenly see more products and but this blinker is very handy – you attach it to the collar or the D ring of the harness – it can be seen ½ a mile away and is waterproof and comes with three replacement batteries – perfect for small dog racing round Battersea Park in the early morning or dusk as he can suddenly become invisible not just to me but also to joggers and cyclists – this way I can spot him.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stink Bomb ………

Yes can you imagine I have just been squirted from a canister with the words Stink Bomb emblazed across it …….. grr

Actually I have not been up to par on my hygiene personally I blame my parka I get kind of sweaty in it while running on the beach – it’s all nylon and waterproof.

So I smelt a little bit – I thought it was quite manly but the handler Dinky was not impressed so she popped into Pets at Home and bought this Stink Bomb which is a refreshing dog spray.

She sprayed me and rubbed it in and now I smell quite fresh in a nice way and it’s like a deodorant for dogs.

The company Animology have quite a comprehensive range and there is a Bichon Frise that hangs around the local cafĂ© I might have a word with about their “White Wash” shampoo specially developed for white fur……..

Wonder if they could develop a line for cashmere blonde coloured fur!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My friend in Manchester……..

People just think I’m a London boy but my second home is Manchester and I love visiting there in fact I’m hopefully on the team this Friday for a full love in visit.

I like Manchester because I’m obviously different and people do come up and comment on my size and the colour of my fur and also my outfits while I’m strutting round St.Anne’s Square.

Now I have friends up in Manchester and one of my friends is the beautiful Jordan – he is like the love child of Carson Kressley transplanted to Manchester.

He has a blog Fashion Rambler which is very popular and I was thinking I could work with Jordan as his little assistant part time.

I think Jordan should be like my Dinky’s Stanford Blatch and they could do shopping together and he could give his advice on her outfits ……… I think with his impeccable eye he would be fabulous and I could trot round after him while he picks out stunning outfits ……….

What do you think Jordan?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Get one for your owner ……..

We all know it’s hard on the paws pounding the pavements when you’re out and about  with your owner but let’s face it sometimes those so called “pet carriers” are just not chic enough for being in and they certainly don’t go with your owners outfit – plastic is not my preferred choice of fabric!

My granny is the stylish Mrs D and she saw this beautiful Jaeger limited edition bag and was completely smitten as it’s handy and it can give me an easy but stylish ride. 
The bag is in very versatile nude leather with gold trim and the Jaeger logo – so it’s a bag which looks smart with any outfit.

It has space for the dog to lie down and relax and just look like you have a very nice bag or they can peep out and admire the view – I’m the type who has his head out I never misses a trick.

It has a leather cross hatch concealed side air vent for the me to get some air, the inside has a soft padded cushion which is washable so I’m comfortable.

It also has a versatile side flap with a zip pocket for keys and credit cards , plus you can popper this up to make sure you little precious cargo is secure or if you need to keep me hidden as we know not everyone likes us in their shop.

Jaeger London Limited Edition Pooch Tote £750
Available from Jaeger's flagship Regent Street store from March 2011

It’s all about me……

Of course I know I’m a handsome and cute little dog and much admired so I was overwhelmed when Dinky came home with a mini replica of me in soap. She now has me in her bath ……

We have gone on a trip to Lytham and I was left at home with my great grandparents while she & granny went round the shops and they came back with this beautiful boxed soap of “me”.

Gianna Rose Atelier does a wonderful range of dog soaps and one is “La Chihuahua “the soap princess rests on a terry bath sponge in pink.
The soap is a delicate perfume of lily, mimosa, tuberose, and violet.
It comes in a very upmarket box all beautifully presented.

They also have Labrador, Retriever , Cocker Spaniel or Dachshund ,Maltese or Pug  soaps to name a few other breeds …….. Perfect gift for the love of your life.