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Monday, 25 April 2011

Little grubby……..

Okay I think I smell manly but the handler disagrees and decided I smell badly – I have been down on the beach and pounding the pavements and it’s been a little warm so she dunked me in the bath.
We needed some shampoo so we hit Pets At Home to get some nice smelling but proper dog shampoo – human shampoo just doesn’t do it ……… did you know you should really opt for a low lather formula for dogs as this way you can see how clean we are getting and it rinses out – our skin is quite sensitive.
So here is the selection we looked through and I will tell you which one I tried.
Dogs Body Shampoo 250ml by Animology £4.99 (Petsathome)

This is great as it has low lather and really gets a pup clean round their paws and tummy – it also has a deodorant in it so helps keep that fresh smell for longer – we like this range.
Dirty Dawg Shampoo 250ml by Animology £4.99 (Petsathome)

This one you don’t need to hit the tub just squirt and rub and brush this freshens you up and gives you a nice clean body without everyone getting wet.
Dog Deodorant Shampoo 200ml by Johnsons £3.00 (Petsathome)

This is a great shampoo for any dog and it cleans you and you smell nice enough for your handler to want to hug you afterwards and it makes your fur all shiny (owners like shiny fur) ,easy to lather and rinse out.
Mildly Scented Dog Shampoo by Pets at Home £3.00 (Petsathome)

This is the one we used and I give it a paw up, it has left my fur shiny, all smelling nice and my tummy and small paws are all spotlessly clean – I feel like a new Chihuahua.

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