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Friday, 27 July 2012

My Brother ……

I want to introduce you to my brother Fez …..

Now Fez lives in California and he lives with his mummy Brianna – now let me tell you in quick story about how he came into my life.
My granny reads and writes blogs and one day in March 2009 she found a new blog where there was a bright sparky red head talking about her new life as being homeless and living in a trailer in a Wal-Mart car park in a California – Granny was very touched and wrote some encouraged words and then checked in her every other day from London and then when she had a problem Granny threw a tantrum and got it sorted (she throws big tantrums sometimes) and then Brianna wrote to E jean Carroll at Elle and asked for some advice – E Jean gave her a job and Brianna became a global sensation and she ended up living with us for a few months while she wrote her book.

Now she has a cute one room studio apartment with a garden ……… throughout her whole ordeal Fez was Brianna’s rock, buddy and big baby but tragedy has struck.
Yesterday a stranger but known to Brianna’s landlord hung over the fence and scared fez which caused him to bite the stranger – he was protecting his home and the landlord has now demanded Fez leave the home – so we are now sorting out a temporary home for Fez but this is a short term fix and Brianna needs somewhere else to live but she needs a deposit and a month’s rent – at the moment she is paycheck to paycheck so no leeway
So can you help us and follow Fez  on twitter @FezzikMonster and also spread the word on this fund raiser http://www.indiegogo.com/savefez and lets “Save Fez” …….. and help him get back with his mummy.
Please spread the word on this for us …………… all paws to the keyboards 

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