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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Uncle Jester's Restaurant

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Welcome to Uncle Jester's Restaurant
Crazy waiters are ready to serve you delicious food from our creative menu celebrating chocolate ... come on in !

D R I N K    C R E A T I O N S

Ice Queen
A giant goblet of frozen frappe topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate truffles

Truffle Royale
Chocolate truffle shake with dark chocolate melt and whipped cream

Summer Tango
Chocolate bars blended with fresh mangoes and dark chocolate chips

1. Strawberry  2. Apple & Lime  3. Peach
4. Raspberry  5. Orange & Lemon  6. Chocolate
all served with fresh fruit, whipped cream and ice cream

N O B B L E    N I B B L E S
*small bites*

Pas De Trois
Mini burgers - Crabcake, American & Turkey

A Knight's Tale
Salmon steaks on a hot nip flatbread
Court Jester
A plate of nachos with beef, guacamole, jalapenos, rich melted cheese and sour cream

R O Y A L     F E A S T
*main courses*

The Emperor
Kobe beef burger with grilled bacon, caramelised onions, melted smoked cheese,
tomato and crispy lettuce. Served with french fries and dipping sauce
Commander's Fried Rice
Shrimp fried rice with crispy prawn crackers
Royal Kingdom
Grilled prime Angus beef steak with french fries
My Prince Charming
BBQ crumbed chicken with fresh coleslaw and cilantro ranch dressing 
Duke's Estate
Tender lamb ribs with steamed vegetables, potato cakes and wine honey jus

S W E E T     T O O T H

Waffle de Aristocat
Waffle, ice cream, cracking chocolate and roasted caramelised banana

Razzle Dazzle
Puff pastry shell filled with stewed apple and magnum ice cream

Crown Jewel
Served in a Grand Glass with 3 flavours of magnum sticks (including vanilla with
strawberry jam dipped in crushed peanuts), fruit chunks,
chocolate-dipped strawberries and whipped cream

Dark Cherry Goblet
Choux pastry with dark cherry fruit and sauce with a vanilla magnum,
drizzed with chocolate and dark cherry sauce

Happy Ever After
White chocolate soft ice cream with chocolate and whipped cream

Grande Fountain Fondue
Rich dark chocolate fondue with vanilla magnum sticks, marshmallows and strawberries

Prince's Cookies & Cream
Crushed Oreo cookies in ice cream cake with
whipped cream and drizzled chocolate

 We hope you enjoy indulging yourselves!

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