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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Special Paw Circle

As we all know our comrade Lennox passed over the rainbow bridge last week after much howling by all his anipals across the world.

Now out in Ranch City California lives an amazing lady who is a friend of my granny she is called Tracy Mallory Radford  - she is a big animal lover and a huge supporter of shelters and the plight of Lennox touched her so much she had rescued a shelter puppy which was a pit mix like Lennox and called him after Lennox ......... see the pictures
 Lennox in the shelter
 Lennox enjoying some nap time
Lennox having some super cuddles .........
Sadly Tracy today posted

 "Had to rush Lennox to the vet er tonight. The news is grim and we are heartbroken..."

"He has a congenital heart defect and food aspirated to his lungs from another congenital issue. We asked if there is surgery, and he said yes but... He's seen this before and usually at this age more defects will arise. Why he cannot gain weight due to the defects in his digestion track. I'm in shock and numb. This wasn't supposed to happen. He finally found love and he deserved a long happy life..."

So can we remember the magnificent Tracy and her huge heart as it has a big break in it at the moment - but Lennox after a traumatic start to  life did know love, laughter and cuddles in his short life xxx

Lennox update: I've done some research and will be taking him to another vet. He loves his doggie shakes and has only gotten sick twice today. He's full of energy and kisses. I won't give up on him until all options are exhausted! NEGU!! ♥

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