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Monday, 16 July 2012

Pssssssssssst spread the word.....

Most of us anipals are very lucky we have wonderful lives and loving caring owners who are devoted to us and worship the ground our paws tread but sadly there are some of our comrade anipals who live a life of utter horror and fear which mercifully we will never know and they suffer terribly.

As a nation the UK is known for being animal lovers but sadly cases of cruelty are on the rise and yet the sentences dealt to these monsters and butchers are inadequate and they are not given long enough or harsh enough.

Now let’s think about this for a moment my granny who is wise says there is a well know correlation between people who tortured and maimed animals then went on to abuse children and women or become murderers – yes some of the biggest mass murderers have in their past tortured innocent animals and because the law is so lax they feel they can move on with impunity to humans………

My wonderful pal Alfie he is a bearded collie pup has stepped up to the plate and is being proactive to bring change so can we all help him ……

Paws for thought Alfie's Law came about from an idea I had with a few of my wonderful friends after reading some dreadful stories of abuse inflicted on animals. Most of them too horrific to even mention.
 This campaign will help to raise awareness of the current law in the UK regarding animal abuse, neglect & murder and how the sentences are not being used to the maximum. Too often minimum fines are given to people who inflict the most disgusting abuse and harm to our animals.”
Here is his blog
Here is the petition – so please show support for a comrade who is showing great compassion for all anipals welfare ……..
Please remember to check for a confirmation e mail or your signature will not be counted

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