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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sad News ....

So as you know the wonderful Tracy Mallory Radford adopted a lovely boy who she named Lennox after Lennox of Belfast - sadly Little Lennox in California become ill see my #PawCircle blog post - so after his vets and numerous consultations it became clear Lennox was very ill.

This is from Mz.T's Facebook wall ........... prepare for tears "weeping eyes" 

"Lennox has Vascular Ring Anomaly. Due to the right aortic vein being wrapped around his esophagus the food gets stuck and stretches his esophagus to the large area you see on the right. This stops him from getting all the food he needs through to his tummy. The Vet explained that he was fed by his mommy for at least eight weeks, why he did not die, and why he looks so good. The bastard backyard breeders [my words] obviously were weaning him from his mom with regular food, realized he was sick and dumped him at the shelter as a stray.

Even with surgery problems will still arise. Like the ER Vet the two Vets today said that most times one congenital defect will bring others to light. If he were to make it through surgery he would still never have a normal life. He would never be able to eat regular dog food and would need 24 hour care due to the fact if he eats something he shouldn't he may choke, or completely aspirate it into his lungs. Pneumonia is the biggest fear. Even if the surgery worked, he will always continue to throw up due to the damage already done to his trachea and lungs. With how badly his esophagus has stretched the chances of it healing properly and getting back to normal aren't good odds. With the pressure on his heart from this they are concerned with heart defects as well. 

If those bastards that dumped him had taken him in right when he had gotten ill instead of dumping him, the surgery may have worked perfectly. But now, due to the mega esophagus his internal damage is at its worst.I asked what they would do if he were their dog. The consensus was, humanely euthanize. As Vets, they would do the surgery, as owners they would let him be free. 

For those of you who know me, you know I will not let my babies suffer, be in pain, or prolong a life with no quality. Selfishly, I want him here for me, but not at the cost of his pain and suffering.This has been the hardest decision to make, to let him go. Tonight has not been great. He has been doing his gagging and coughing up foam. We are feeding him small liquified portions every 2 hours and have him on a liquid antibiotic to fight pneumonia. I am so lost and scared and praying it is the right decision. I see him struggle for air when he gags and my heart breaks. I hope I am doing the right thing. It's amazing how such a lil boy like Lennox can take your heart and hold on. I'm not sure when the day will be. I want it to be never, but sometimes we have to say good-bye and let our babies be free..."

So sadly this little boy has passed over the rainbow bridge ......... but let's remember in his final part of his life he wasn't in a shelter he was cuddled, stroked, kissed and very much loved ........ 

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