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Monday, 13 February 2012

Tonight our first advert.

Yes tune in your TV  on ITV1 at 7.15pm today, during a break in the soap Emmerdale and you'll see the   first ever British advert created specially for dogs - featuring high-pitched sounds that cannot be heard by humans - the advert is a minute-long send-up of The Italian Job, also features whistles and barks intended to catch the attention of even the most indolent of canines.

Bakers, the dog food manufacturer which commisioned the advert, hope the sounds will provoke a reaction from dogs in living rooms across the country, fooling their owners into thinking they are interested in the products on the screen.

Lets report back when we have seen this ........ but if your family don't watch Emmerdale here is the advert for you to view at your leisure 

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