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I’m a spoilt bratty boy Chihuahua with cashmere blonde fur and a penchant for fake fur. I love dressing up and have quite an extensive wardrobe. I’m very sociable and quite cocky, I love nothing more than a girly shopping trip to the West End or Manchester where people look and admire me. I have a big selection of teddies and toys and I like sitting up high so I can feel superior and I adore the feel of fake fur under my paws.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Be kind………..

Now I’m a lucky boy and I know it – my handler / owner desperately wanted a Chihuahua and for many years she wore down my granny for a Chihuahua – then she took ages looking for a little boy like me.

Now part of her research was going to Battersea Dogs Home and this was in late 2007 and obviously there were no Chihuahua’s puppies or grown Chihuahua dogs who needed rehoming – lots of big boy & girl dogs though  – poor Alice jumped through hoops to find me and buy me as there are a lot of greedy people who are basically scammers – my birth family were scammers as well and tried to raise the price after I had been paid for – yes they wanted more money on the day of collection – sadly they hadn’t reckoned on Granny – she ripped them a new a*****e and home I went all bundled up to start a new life.

Now sadly we are in hard times and some people have had to give up their much loved pets as they face tough times and so the variety of dogs at Battersea Dogs Home looking for a furever home is very diverse – they also need people to foster some dogs so they can be adjusted before they go to their forever home …….

So if you’re looking for a dog why not take a chance on a rescue dog or cat – you’ll be giving a home to a big heart that will always love you and give you 1000% devotion –plus the variety of breeds – this week they have Alaskan Malamute, Northern Inuit, Akita and Siberian Husky – get yourself a dog sleigh and you could have the prefect transport for snow days ………..

So do have a look and think about getting a rescue pet and giving them a furever home or fostering- so for a £105.00 you make the world of difference to your life and you rescue dogs ……… so come on let some fur love into your life- young or old all dogs deserve a furever home.

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