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Saturday, 19 May 2012

"First it was the rabbits and no one said a word so next the kittens and still no one said a word and then the puppies” ..........

You have to speak out if you see wrong no matter how small and how little your voice is ……. Etsy the site which lets small vendors sell their home made crafts and goods have a vendor who is selling rabbit skins and dried heads.

Yes these are the heads of real rabbits who are incredibly affectionate creatures and who do not deserve their heads taken off for profit or being skinned for someone to make profit off of their misery. Please help me get through to Etsy, and ban sellers like Fibersall from Etsy and any other website that they might sell this monstrosity from. All together we can make a difference, we won't change the whole world, but we will change the world of these poor animals. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of those who do not have a voice!
Now if we don’t speak up for the rabbits, will you speak up for kittens or puppies ……… someone has to put their paw down.
So please sign this petition and let Etsy know this is wrong on every level .......

Also you have to ask yourself what kind of a sick ticket buys these for their home !

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  1. Sick !! I have signed the petition and will encourage my friend to do the same !